The Isolation of Love The secret behind every great game is a great story line. Before I developed my World of Anastroc the Trading Card Game  it was originally a series of stories I would tell my friends. This story has been building for over four years now and still there is much more to tell! They enjoy the stories so much I do not want to see them get forgotten. That is why I have begun to publish my stories in a short-story format beginning with a very romantic, fantasy/sci-fi story titled, “The Isolation of Love”



“A story of fate as the princess, Musiki, who was raised without emotion now struggles against her father to discover what emotion is, and if she could possibly hold such feelings. The cruel emperor demands nothing less than perfection out of his children; within that perfection is only logic, something which emotions can only interfere with. Can Musiki find logic in these newly discovered emotions, or will her father triumph and keep her heart isolated from concepts such as ‘love’?”

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There are many more stories to come from this plane. I hope that as time goes on people realize the story that is Anastroc, and enjoy it just as much as I have enjoyed it.