Long time, no siege…

It has been almost a full year since I last posted anything on this site; however, the site is far from dead (although to the train eye it would seem to be). I have had a lot happen over the course of a year:

-Designed at least 3 new games.

-Pitched several games to major publishers.

-Took a class in app. programing in Java (for the android)

(now to the less important stuff)

-Moved away from my parent’s

-Got a new full-time career job

-Got a new part-time job

-Still working at my other job

-And now can’t remember what day it is!


Back to the important thing, this website. I’m a game designer, I love creating games just for fun; most of all I find it fun to watch others enjoy the games I create. That is why I am considering revamping this site to expand to more than just my amazing 4 player chess but to include my many other wondrous games as well. It will take time as with all things, but it will happen!

Stay tuned, some crazy things are about to happen!

Oh and if you are reading this before August 14th, I will be at Gen Con this year; look for the tall lanky guy with glasses (better yet, just stand in the middle of the floor room and keep yelling “Summoning King Steven! Summoning King Steven Please!!” you’ll have a better shot at finding me that way)

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