Internet Trolls

I’ve had my share of bad experiences with people posting false things or just vicious comments online. It takes a lot of thick skin to take such hits, but nothing I’ve suffered from compares to a category of individuals online: successful people. And not just successful people who publish things, but successful people who publish things that are not crude, full of adult themes, and are actually ran by decent human beings.

I am floored whenever  I read a post anywhere by someone that does nothing but flame them. ~ This means you post something that is just mean with curse words, degrading talk, and other vial comments that are not productive, do not really have a good point, and you would never say to the person’s face. They are usually inspired to be so mean because they have made some sort of assumption in their head and instead of really thinking about it, they just go straight into assuming they are right and the world is wrong.

For some reason, nice people attract such attention it seems. Take for example Scott Cawthon, creator of Five Nights At Freddy’s. He donates thousands of dollars to charities, responds personally to fans, and continues to make high-end entertainment for the players. Yet today while downloading FNAF World 2.0 (super excited!) for free, some kid ranted about him. Some of these trolls post stuff that makes it sound like they have tourettes syndrom while high then got online.

When trolls are not that extreme they just come off as arrogant and rude. Like for example, they will say something like “Your animals look like scary animatronics” <- This actually is what inspired Scott to create FNAF. Which I think is a great lesson all inspiring game makers ~ or nice person trying to be successful ~ needs to take away from. Do NOT pay attention to trolls! Instead, take their words and turn them into inspiration, but keep in mind they are just that: words. Do not let them bog down your mind or hurt you too deeply.

Don’t misunderstand me, as humans we are emotional creatures who are destined to feel pain when others attack us, even when it is autonomous and over the internet. I think kind souls are more sensitive to this because when you are nice to others you understand the pain others feel when you are mean ~ hence you choose to be nice. Evil people just don’t care. They are never satisfied and only care about corrupting others with their taunts. That will always exist. And because that will always exist the strong willed person will always have a challenge ahead of them. When you brave that challenge and succeed over it, you separate yourself from the pack ~ even if your product itself doesn’t succeed.

Keep on playing everyone!