Stay Determined!

Sorry if this post seems too personal or dramatic, but given this time of year, it is good to reflect on determination and inspirations. As we all go through life, things change or happen that are outside of our own control. If we are lucky, it is something for the better; other times, bad things happen to good people. And just as possible, it seems bad but in reality it will end up being good or vice-verse. Usually it is hard for us to tell the difference, but when life beats you up you need inspiration to help keep you fighting back until you beat life at its own game.

If you have ever played the game Undertales, you would have learned a large part of hope requires determination to try again (or perhaps it is the other way around?). So a good question we all have to ask ourselves is, “Where do we get our hope or determination from?” Some get it from God, others get it from their own aspirations, while some struggle to find it all. I’m like that sometimes. When the world is pushing down on all your ideas. You feel like nothing is working no matter what you do. Such situations requires a jolt of inspiration.

What I do in such situations is I brush away all of my currently laid paths and start again. Seriously, sometimes you just need a fresh start to re-build your foundations. Learn from your mistakes and keep going forward with your ideas. Of course this is always easier said than done, some of us get stuck over analyzing our past to try to learn from these mistakes (#1 example: this guy right here). It is tough, but when you are lost in what to do, you just have to take a leap of faith. Be bold! Try to create your own success! Sure you might fail, but you are guaranteed not to succeed if you don’t try something.

Now then, if you really feel hopeless, as in so much so you are thinking of some harmful things to yourself or others – know that there is always someone to talk to (see link below). Christmas season is always a challenge for people who suffer from depression or just plain sadness. It can be a bad time for some people. Seriously though, stay determined! Even if you feel like you don’t have any hope left in your life, you can always give hope to someone else’s life.

Keep on playing!
Seriously though, if you need someone to talk to here is a link to a site with people who are happy to help! Click Here