OPO Presents: Grillinator

Another week, another Wednesday, or it would have been had it not been for the discovery of a new product that changed my way of thinking forever: Grillinator’s BBQ Cleaning Brush!

At the Old Post Office today they had a new guest speaker, Shawn Cornett, your average BBQ enthusiast with big dreams. He wanted to invent a new BBQ Cleaning Brush one that didn’t lose its steel hairs and actually cleaned the grill so you can see the metal bars again. To do this he started a KickStarter with a good size goal in mind (around $50,000). On his first try he succeeded! He shared a lot of great insight in how he pulled it off ~ which was the topic of today’s get together: How to have a successful Kickstarter!

He told a lot of interesting personal stories, and got across the time devoted to the project. He made clear that it is far more time consuming than you would think. He spent 4 solid Full Time, months to his project. Before that, at least a years worth of proto-typing and product development. When the crowd asked him what was the biggest contribution to his success he said it was the “prep-work before the Kickstarter went live.” That means gathering emails, reaching out to family and friends, and making sure you have a great quality video! He went on to mention that if he had to do it again, he would make sure he had everything ready before he submitted the KickStarter for review by the staff.

With that said, I decided to hold off on lunching the KickStarter for World of Anastroc. Instead my growing team and I will be doing prep-work for the upcoming campaign. Spreading the word, making videos, and more so that way we make sure we have everything ready ahead of time. We want to deliver a high quality experience to you guys & gals. That means doing the best we can in everything we release. So sign up with one of our many social media outlets and stay tuned!
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And more on the way!
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