Anime STL 2016 = Amazing!

Just got done resting from Anime St. Louis 2016. It was 3 days of non-stop laughter and excitement meeting new people while playing super fun new games! It was so much fun I got sick at the end of the last day from exhaustion. There was just too many interesting people I wanted to talk to. Some of my highlights were:

*I played Rocket League for the first time, and I can’t believe how much fun that game is, especially when the screen is the same size as a wall! My friends Thalen and Nick played it as well and we got crushed by the computer players. It was great XD Best part was right after we got done with a game, there was a power surge. The DJ pumping the heavy bass cheered with the crowd and I told my friends, “We could handle the bass but the Convention’s circuit breaker couldn’t.”

*I got to meet some talented artist. Some I remember from last year, some I have never seen before. I have hired one artist to do a piece for me and I am very pleased with how it came out. I hope to have him make a full version of it and add it to my card game, World of Anastroc.

*Almost got onto a game show “Anime Password”. Myself and 3 others ended up being back up in case there was time for a 2nd game. Turned out there wasn’t, but would have been fun and nerve wracking if there had been. I still don’t know if I could have really gone through with it! I was good at looking good, but my knowledge turned out to be terrible. Where’s the “Business Professional Password” game show at? (Oh, right, cancelled, got it)

It was also nice visiting old friends from out of town. One of which showed me some cool animes. I wish she was on that game show – should would have killed it! Out of the ones shown, I really begun to like “World is Still Beautiful”. It is a romantic, ‘chick-flick’ anime, but honestly, I think it is better than Sword Art Online. Don’t get me wrong, SAO has a very cool concept and does well to live up to it, but that main character though. ><

Hope all of you get to go to an Anime Con someday. There are a lot of skilled cos-players and popular names that attend. More importantly, it is great to network with others and meet nice people.
Till next time, keep on playing!