World of Anastroc is coming to Kickstarter

Today I decided to announce that King Steven’s Games will be attempting its first ever Kickstarter: World of Anastroc!

I asked many of my game testers which idea should be kickstarted first? Originally, World of Anastroc was off the table. It is a trading card game, and trading card games are a unique beast. They require more artwork than any other game, they are a lot harder to balance and make rules for, plus you have an expectation to make expansions on a regular bases.
However, everyone was wishy-washy with the other concepts. They admitted to loving the other games, and I believe them, but what they really wanted to see made was Anastroc.

With much thinking (and crunching financials) it seems like a tall order to fill, but I say give people what they want! If everyone is ready to buy a box, then better get those boxes to the shelves! Another nice thing is that right now the trading card game industry is made up of three titans (whom do not need mentioning). Each of them have very strong attributes about them, and it makes them fun in their own way. At the same time, they all share some common flaws which my game addresses. In addition, we will be going for a different marketing strategy with how our boxes will be sold which I think will make players very pleased~ more details to come.

It is going to be a large goal. But if successful I know we will have a beautiful game that is a fresh game style that will bring hours of fun! Featured as the icon for this blog post is the artwork for the back of the cards made by a talented artist who has worked very hard for me. I hope all of you are as excited to see more of her works as I am (and if you can’t wait for spoilers then go ahead and check out her profile site here)

This is all for now, check back often for updates!
Keep on playing!

Pixel Pop Time!

Big news! I will be hosting my first vendor booth at Pixel Pop St. Louis this weekend! September 12th-13th!

I have had very little time to focus on this event because of sooooo many life changing events happening recently! I got a new full time job, going back to school for my masters, and still working on games and trying to get this business running into high gear. I had no idea running a business would be so hard. If you really want a well functioning business you have to devote your entire evening to it sometimes for weeks at a time, and then you will have moments where there is nothing to do but wait for weeks at a time.

Lesson: Never start a business without a back up plan, or at least another source of income. If you do so anyway, then you better stay creative!
I hope to see all of you at the Pixel Pop event! I will be demoing some of my games, including a brand new one only a week old! Not to mention giving away a cool T-Shirt! Posted here:

Machine Emperor X T-Shirt

First of our many T-Shirts to come!