How King Steven’s Games Almost Died Part 1

Hello blog, my old friend!

I haven’t updated this website in almost a year. I think it’s time I posted something, right?

A LOT has happened over the year. I’m in my last semester of school, started a You Tube Channel, my novel is almost done being edited, and I have been coming up with a ton of new game ideas. But it hasn’t been all sun-shine and rainbows. In fact, I also on the edge of closing down this whole “King Steven’s Games” idea. I have been teasing my mind with self-publishing my games for 3 years now, and what do I have to show for it? Nothing.

But that has been my own doing. I haven’t tried a kickstarter, I have only been sending out a game for evaluation about twice a year, and I have been slacking on the social media aspect. I began to blame myself for it. I would say, “I see all these new companies come in after me, and they already have a successful kickstarter! I’m so lazy…” And then sit in self-loathing for a weekend. I think this is what many of us ambitious people do – we push ourselves to the break and if we fail we wonder what we did wrong? How many times have you said to yourself, “If I only had done this…” or “Why did I do this instead of that??” Then welcome to the family of Over-Thinkers.

It wasn’t until I began following Kickstarter-advice facebook pages that I began to notice a pattern. Most kickstarters have a team of people (at least 2 or more). So I eventually posted my issue by asking the question: how much time does everyone spend in getting a kickstarter ready before launching?

Come to find out, some people spend years. When I talked about my schedule: 40 hour per week job, school part time getting a masters… people responded back saying that those two things alone is enough to make it too hard to ever give a good kickstarter campaign. You see, most people split up the workload among teammates, and the really good campaigns are usually done by people without jobs. They then encourage that I continue making games but seek out publishers to partner with.

That made me feel TONS better. I thought I was being lazy, but nope, just like I posted in the last blog post about too many ideas and keeping the plates spinning – that is exactly what was happening to me. This was a great relief.

Still, I wondered to myself if all of this was worth it? I already have a job, and soon a promotion (Lord willing!), so why struggle with this whole concept of King Steven’s Games? The answer is simple, I have ideas I want to share so that others can enjoy them too. But up until now, my ideas produced zero results. No revenue, no publications, no recognition. But then a miracle happened…

But this has gone on long enough, I’ll publish it in the next post. Until then, Keep on playing!

Stay Determined!

Sorry if this post seems too personal or dramatic, but given this time of year, it is good to reflect on determination and inspirations. As we all go through life, things change or happen that are outside of our own control. If we are lucky, it is something for the better; other times, bad things happen to good people. And just as possible, it seems bad but in reality it will end up being good or vice-verse. Usually it is hard for us to tell the difference, but when life beats you up you need inspiration to help keep you fighting back until you beat life at its own game.

If you have ever played the game Undertales, you would have learned a large part of hope requires determination to try again (or perhaps it is the other way around?). So a good question we all have to ask ourselves is, “Where do we get our hope or determination from?” Some get it from God, others get it from their own aspirations, while some struggle to find it all. I’m like that sometimes. When the world is pushing down on all your ideas. You feel like nothing is working no matter what you do. Such situations requires a jolt of inspiration.

What I do in such situations is I brush away all of my currently laid paths and start again. Seriously, sometimes you just need a fresh start to re-build your foundations. Learn from your mistakes and keep going forward with your ideas. Of course this is always easier said than done, some of us get stuck over analyzing our past to try to learn from these mistakes (#1 example: this guy right here). It is tough, but when you are lost in what to do, you just have to take a leap of faith. Be bold! Try to create your own success! Sure you might fail, but you are guaranteed not to succeed if you don’t try something.

Now then, if you really feel hopeless, as in so much so you are thinking of some harmful things to yourself or others – know that there is always someone to talk to (see link below). Christmas season is always a challenge for people who suffer from depression or just plain sadness. It can be a bad time for some people. Seriously though, stay determined! Even if you feel like you don’t have any hope left in your life, you can always give hope to someone else’s life.

Keep on playing!
Seriously though, if you need someone to talk to here is a link to a site with people who are happy to help! Click Here

World of Anastroc is coming to Kickstarter

Today I decided to announce that King Steven’s Games will be attempting its first ever Kickstarter: World of Anastroc!

I asked many of my game testers which idea should be kickstarted first? Originally, World of Anastroc was off the table. It is a trading card game, and trading card games are a unique beast. They require more artwork than any other game, they are a lot harder to balance and make rules for, plus you have an expectation to make expansions on a regular bases.
However, everyone was wishy-washy with the other concepts. They admitted to loving the other games, and I believe them, but what they really wanted to see made was Anastroc.

With much thinking (and crunching financials) it seems like a tall order to fill, but I say give people what they want! If everyone is ready to buy a box, then better get those boxes to the shelves! Another nice thing is that right now the trading card game industry is made up of three titans (whom do not need mentioning). Each of them have very strong attributes about them, and it makes them fun in their own way. At the same time, they all share some common flaws which my game addresses. In addition, we will be going for a different marketing strategy with how our boxes will be sold which I think will make players very pleased~ more details to come.

It is going to be a large goal. But if successful I know we will have a beautiful game that is a fresh game style that will bring hours of fun! Featured as the icon for this blog post is the artwork for the back of the cards made by a talented artist who has worked very hard for me. I hope all of you are as excited to see more of her works as I am (and if you can’t wait for spoilers then go ahead and check out her profile site here)

This is all for now, check back often for updates!
Keep on playing!

Anime STL 2016 = Amazing!

Just got done resting from Anime St. Louis 2016. It was 3 days of non-stop laughter and excitement meeting new people while playing super fun new games! It was so much fun I got sick at the end of the last day from exhaustion. There was just too many interesting people I wanted to talk to. Some of my highlights were:

*I played Rocket League for the first time, and I can’t believe how much fun that game is, especially when the screen is the same size as a wall! My friends Thalen and Nick played it as well and we got crushed by the computer players. It was great XD Best part was right after we got done with a game, there was a power surge. The DJ pumping the heavy bass cheered with the crowd and I told my friends, “We could handle the bass but the Convention’s circuit breaker couldn’t.”

*I got to meet some talented artist. Some I remember from last year, some I have never seen before. I have hired one artist to do a piece for me and I am very pleased with how it came out. I hope to have him make a full version of it and add it to my card game, World of Anastroc.

*Almost got onto a game show “Anime Password”. Myself and 3 others ended up being back up in case there was time for a 2nd game. Turned out there wasn’t, but would have been fun and nerve wracking if there had been. I still don’t know if I could have really gone through with it! I was good at looking good, but my knowledge turned out to be terrible. Where’s the “Business Professional Password” game show at? (Oh, right, cancelled, got it)

It was also nice visiting old friends from out of town. One of which showed me some cool animes. I wish she was on that game show – should would have killed it! Out of the ones shown, I really begun to like “World is Still Beautiful”. It is a romantic, ‘chick-flick’ anime, but honestly, I think it is better than Sword Art Online. Don’t get me wrong, SAO has a very cool concept and does well to live up to it, but that main character though. ><

Hope all of you get to go to an Anime Con someday. There are a lot of skilled cos-players and popular names that attend. More importantly, it is great to network with others and meet nice people.
Till next time, keep on playing!

Welcome To A New War

Hello world,

This is my first blog post on my newest website “King Stevens Games.” A website devoted to my collections of games, most notably, Four Player Chess. This style of Four Player Chess is completely new and unique. By having all players start on the same board and have to move into the side of the other player’s army; even to the most experienced players it requires a new way of thinking that was never thought of existing before.

That is why I am proud to have this game be the first I created and copyrighted. It has taken a long time to reach this level of completion yet would have taken even longer had it not been for the many people who have play tested, advised, and assisted me with their business expertise. This idea was first tried back in my 7th grade chess club after spending the night before making up starting positions on a normal chess board. I still remember telling our teacher sponsor that some day I would make money on this idea, he just laughed wishing me luck. Today I have a Copyright, a great webdesign team, and talented programmers to make this dream into reality.

Going forward, I hope to make more posts on this blog discussing this game, along with how it came to be the way it is. Perhaps along the way talk about my other projects, intellectual property laws, and anything else that comes to mind.

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this website, register first then check out the forums by clicking here, and try out the game with your friends by reading the rules here.

Until next time, keep standing strong,

-‘King’ Steven Kraml