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How King Steven’s Games Almost Died Part 2

Ever have one of those things you needed to do, but everytime you finally had a moment to do it, you were like “I’ll do it tomorrow”…apparently that is my philosophy about my blog posts… I taunted last week about my story around how I almost quit my company! And when I say “quit my […]

How King Steven’s Games Almost Died Part 1

Hello blog, my old friend! I haven’t updated this website in almost a year. I think it’s time I posted something, right? A LOT has happened over the year. I’m in my last semester of school, started a You Tube Channel, my novel is almost done being edited, and I have been coming up with […]

Idea Overload!!

So over the past couple of months, I’ve had to face a growing problem with me: I have too many ideas! Like, this is getting ridiculous. Within 1 week I came up with two new games and short while later I came up with a mini-film I would like to make. At the same time, […]

Take a Pick-Axe to Business!

One valuable business lesson I learned can also be applied to anything in life – from game design problems to arguments on Facebook. “PPPICACC” (pronounced “Pick-Axe”), it is an acronym for reminding yourself how to enhance your critical thinking skills. In short, it teaches you how to process a problem from everyone’s point of view […]

Stay Determined!

Sorry if this post seems too personal or dramatic, but given this time of year, it is good to reflect on determination and inspirations. As we all go through life, things change or happen that are outside of our own control. If we are lucky, it is something for the better; other times, bad things […]

What is a “Business Strategy”?

I see plenty of blogs and guides in gaming, but for small businesses in this field that is only half the battle. Besides making the actual product you also need to learn how to make a good business. This can be hard for young entrepreneurs who may have a dream of becoming the next big […]

Growing Social Media

I have started to take classes in social media so to make sure we get the word out about our fun products and kickstarters. Right now we are primarily focusing on Facebook (click here) and Twitter (also click here). We have also been thinking about other ideas on how to interact better with fellow gamers. […]

OPO Presents: Grillinator

Another week, another Wednesday, or it would have been had it not been for the discovery of a new product that changed my way of thinking forever: Grillinator’s BBQ Cleaning Brush! At the Old Post Office today they had a new guest speaker, Shawn Cornett, your average BBQ enthusiast with big dreams. He wanted to […]

OPO Presents: TechShop!

Ever had an idea that you wanted to physically bring into reality but had no idea how to make it nor the tools to make it with? Than you should hold on to that idea, and take it to TechShop! So lately I have been going to a local business incubator called “Old Post Office” […]

GEN CON!!! + Kickstarter Update

Gen Con 2016 is coming up next week. I hope everyone got a ticket and is going cause I am! I have been going to Gen Con every year since 2014. I only started going after forcing myself to spend the money. It was the best decision I ever made, and one that I wish […]