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Steven Kraml

About Steven

President and Founder:
Steven is a life long board game inventor. Starting with sketches on the back of music sheets in the 6th grade, his games now include diverse rules, in-depth stories, and years of testing. His passion is to share stories that capture the imagination of the audience by bringing players into the unique universes he has designed. Why? To bring joy into people’s lives while showing there is more to entertainment than meets the eye.

Currently he works full time during the day then on King Steven’s Games (KSG) during the evenings while also balancing going back to school for his Masters. He hopes to one day make KSG a full time job. In the meantime his friends and numerous colleagues have been helping him along the way. Without their help, none of this would have been possible.

“To succeed you need the strength of one, the endurance of ten, and the will of a thousand.” -Steven